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Image by Louise Viallesoubranne

Welcome to AC-GO Solutions

Your Virtual Assistant, Architectural, Sound and Video editor Service of choice. We are dedicated to assisting overwhelmed business owners, Designers and Social media professionals with any and all of their administrative needs. Explore our website to find out how we can be of service to you today.

Image by Louise Viallesoubranne

Our journey to Designs, Digital arts and Digital Marketing 

AC-GO Virtual Solutions is a successor of Uniplex Designs, a design and construction company based in Manila Philippines that was founded in the 70's by an Architect who is the grandfather of AC-GO's Founder and CEO, Decades passed and digital era began,  the founder of AC-GO Virtual Solutions together with a group of entrepreneurs, business analysts and developers discussed the possibilities of having a virtual assistance agency which is mainly focused on architectural designs, digital marketing and digital arts rendering that are hosted and catered virtually, it was immediately brought to reality and now put into business to cater small to medium and medium to large enterprises around the world. 

Achieving excellence involves collaborating with the finest

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